Research Links

Research Links

Hey GEERlings! Use the links below to get a head start on your research. These are a great place to start to learn more about each engineering concept! Good luck!

Adventure 1: Snowy Summits

Can you help her find a way to walk more easily through the snow?

Can you help Flynn and her parents find a way to get the skiers to the peaks of the mountains?

Can you help Flynn design a way to hold up the roof of the mine so these collapses will not happen in the future?

Adventure 2: Reigning in the Rainforest

Learn how to help Flynn get across the ravine!

Discover a way to keep Flynn free of bugs and critters!

Get Flynn moving by helping her figure a way out!

Adventure 3: Worries on the Wall

Can you help Flynn design a way to clean the water so it is safe for her and the pandas to drink?

Can you help Flynn find the optimal route?

Can you help Flynn find a safe but adventurous way to get down off of the wall?

Adventure 4: Facing the Frozen Tundra


Can you work together to build a tool to help Flynn see in the dark?

Can you help her come up with a solution that travels and stays cool?

Can you help Flynn design a way to remove them and prepare them to be recycled safely?