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Home School Testimonials

"We love using Growin'GEERS! We use it as a science class in our homeschool. My son (age 7) has a great time solving the problems to help Flynn. The video segments are excellent. They lay great ground work for the problem the kids must solve by breaking it down into simple questions and steps. The research segment is great and the questions provided are a wonderful guide for the kids to use. I used this segment as a "homework" section instead of a class time activity and it worked beautifully. The list of provided questions helped to focus his research and the listed research links were a great starting point. He learned some very complicated concepts during these adventures. Concepts I didn't think he would grasp, yet he had no problem understanding thanks to the explanations given in the video summary. They are precise and easy to follow with relevant examples. It is clear how much time and work went into each adventure.

I am so glad you did this!!! It has made my job of teacher much easier and really fun! Seriously, you have done all the hard stuff: creating scenarios, research of topics and ideas, supply gathering, sifting through the ocean of internet links and videos, writing questions, and testing the experiments. All I have to do is follow the material and have a great time exploring these concepts. Thank you! By the way, my wallet also thanks you very much. The program is super affordable and the supplies are dollar store purchases or already around the house. So often we can't do various projects because the supply list just isn't practical, or affordable.Again, it is evident how much time and effort you put into this.

My son is genuinely motivated to help Flynn out. The video bits you add where Flynn thanks the kids for the work and says she is going to build it and how it turned out are great. He is thrilled that "she used my idea!" and "my idea worked!" Those are a nice touch. I thought he would find them silly, but no he really cares. Thank you for all your hard work!"

- Amy, Home School Mom

Growin'GEERS has been a fun and useful program. My daughter is in 2nd grade. She enjoys Flynn's adventures, and building the structures. She also likes watching the videos available with each lesson, and I have been able to tie the engineering lessons in with our other home school curriculum. It is worth adding to any curriculum, especially for girls.

-Jane, Home School Mom

"Growin'GEERS has been a fun and challenging way for my kiddos to work together on STEM this school year. This would make a great CO-OP STEM program for a small group of students. The activities are easy to follow and the materials can be found around the house or the dollar store! I was able to build a month long unit study based on the topics from one quest! 5 Stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!!"

-Heather, Home School Mom, FL

Classroom Testimonials

“Growin’GEERS has been a great addition to my 3rd grade Enrichment Program. Students have been able to connect their study of countries around the world with the engineering process through the hands-on quests. Students are excited each time they come to class to see what Flynn has in story for them!” - Nicole, Science Teacher, New York

"The kids absolutely loved it, and it was a breeze to use. The unit is thorough, the directions are easy to follow, the pacing is great. It has been a great experience." - Laura, 3rd Grade Teacher, New Jersey

"Growin'GEERS has been a way to get the high achieving students at our school excited and motivated to learn. We use it as a 3 hour after school program, and it has given these students an opportunity to communicate with others about high level curriculum and design and build using engineering concepts while learning teamwork. They also use leadership skills when presenting their designs. The students take what they have learned with them to the real world and have come back to me explaining where they have seen the engineering concepts throughout Jacksonville." - Rebekah, Elementary Teacher, Florida