Do you ever feel like..

You want your kids to learn STEM, but resources are beyond your budget?

Don't worry; Growin'GEERS online curriculum is affordable!

You know STEM is important, but you can't find time to plan out elaborate projects?

No sweat! We have detailed plans for a slew of engineering activities!

You are on an endless search for STEM programs that are not just glorified science experiments?

Growin'GEERS embodies what it is like to apply engineering concepts; just give it a try!

If the answer is YES, learn more below!

How Does Growin'GEERS Work?

1. Join the Community

Our online membership gives you access to all of Flynn's quests which include animated videos, brainstorming and research worksheets, and a slew of Facilitator Resources.

2. Get Creative!

The first segment of each quest presents a problem that Flynn has encountered and challenges your budding engineer to solve the problem creatively. Brainstorm, plan a solution, and build your first prototype!

3. Learn Engineering

In the second segment of each quest, Flynn will introduce an engineering concept that could act as a potential solution to the problem. Your child will learn about this concept and how it could solve the problem.

4. Rebuild & Refine

To wrap up each quest, your child will rebuild their initial engineering concept using what they learned. They can test to see if their solution is successful, and continue to tweak their design until they pass the Test for Success!

Online Only Memberships

Whether you're a parent or a teacher, we all have the same goals. We want to provide our elementary student with STEM curriculum without breaking the bank. Check out our online only membership options below which give you immediate access to all the Growin'GEERS videos and written materials without providing the household materials for you.

Homeschool Monthly Access

$9.99 Per Month

Gain Full Access to All Quests for $9.99 a Month!
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Homeschool Yearly Access

$100 Full Year

Gain Full Access to All Quests for a Full Year!
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Complete Group

$350 Co-op/Classroom

Gain Access to All Quests for One Year for Your Group!
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Engineering Supply Sacks

Materials for Hands-on Activity

Each supply sack will include the materials needed to complete each quest. These materials help to promote creativity and questioning within each quest. We want our GEERlings to utilize materials differently.

Adventure Journal Worksheets

Worksheets will arrive with each supply sack that will walk your student through the engineering design process. We will ask them to plan their design, build their first attempt, research some engineering concepts, and then rebuild their initial design.

Animated Videos and Online Resources

You will also have access to all of the documents and videos that are available on the Growin'GEERS website to walk them through the activity. Each quest contains 6 animated videos of Flynn walking your student through her quest!

Extra Engineering Goodies

Each engineering Supply Sack will include additional materials to enhance your student's engineering experience! These materials will include a Growin'GEERS Supply Sack, Quest Completion pins, engineering tools, and more!

Check Out Our Supply Sacks

"What I love most about Growin'GEERS is it's a discovery method of learning."


What Are People Saying?

"Growin'GEERS has been a fun and challenging way for my kiddos to work together on STEM this school year. This would make a great CO-OP STEM program for a small group of students. The activities are easy to follow and the materials can be found around the house or the dollar store! I was able to build a month long unit study based on the topics from one quest! 5 Stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!!" - Heather, Home School Mom
"My daughter is in 2nd grade. She enjoys Flynn's adventures, and building the structures. She also likes watching the videos available with each lesson, and I have been able to tie the engineering lessons in with our other home school curriculum. It is worth adding to any curriculum, especially for girls." -Jane, Home School Mom
"It has made my job of home school teacher much easier and really fun! Seriously, you have done all the hard stuff: creating scenarios, research of topics and ideas, supply gathering, sifting through the ocean of internet links and videos, writing questions, and testing the experiments. All I have to do is follow the material and have a great time exploring these concepts. Thank you!" - Amy, Home School Mom